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Sake Sunday: Featuring Rihaku Wandering Poet Junmai Ginjo Sake

Join us as we open a new large format bottle of sake at a very special price! This Sunday- Wandering Poet- at only $8 per glass! ($11 the rest of the week.)

This sake has broad appeal with a memorable, sturdy flavor. Rihaku was named for the famous Chinese poet, Li Po, who lived from 701-762 and was known to drink a lot of sake before writing. According to lore he said, “I drink a bottle and write 100 poems.”

Founded in 1882, Rihaku proudly boasts the highest average rice milling rate of all Japanese sake breweries. The toji continues to use the same traditional methods as they did in the late 1800’s; except now they employ the help of selective technology which results in a better sake. Rihaku’s koji-making machine uses metal “fingers” to mix the koji every few hours, which allows for tighter control of temperature and moisture resulting in cleaner and more consistent koji. Rihaku is located in the Shimane Prefecture.

This is one of the most easily paired sakes and will work with Chef Naoki’s entire menu, we suggest the rainbow roll!


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